Step 1

Adjust the shoulder bra straps to the correct length before wearing the bra using a current bra as a guide.

Place the bra in your hand with the bottom of the cups facing upwards. Move the bra to your side and put your least mobile arm between the cups and the elastic band. Pull the elastic band up to your arm pit and pull the cups over your head and rest the cups on your shoulder.

Step 2

Move your hand between the bra and your body and then up to your shoulder, manoeuvre your arm outwards from the elbow, the bra will slide down the forearm and onto the torso. The bra may twist during this manoeuvre therefore, ensure the bottom of the cups are facing downwards and the shoulder straps are facing upwards.

Step 3

Move the bra down your body until the bra band fasteners rests just above your tummy with the bra band fastening eyelets facing outwards. The other bra band fastener with hooks will now be hanging by your side. You may find it helpful sit back on a chair back in front of a mirror, this prevents the bra rotating and enables the fasteners to be seen clearly. Take hold of the bra band with the hooks and fasten the bra in the normal way. If helpful use the finger pocket to aid fastening the bra band ends together.

Step 4

Twist the bra around your body until the cups are below your bust and pull the bra straps over your shoulders.