The majority of our customers are eligible to claim VAT relief from the purchase of a bra or an adapted bra.

We design our bras for people with limited arm or hand functionality to maintain dignity and privacy while dressing. Our patent pending undergarments can be easily put on one handed look and feel the same as a conventional fastening bra.

My name is Peter Greenwood the proud founder of Easyon Clothing.

During a meeting with an NHS occupational therapists team I was asked if I could design a conventional fastening bra that could be put on using just one hand. Eight weeks later I returned with a patent applied for simple but very effective product.

One particular patient was recovering in hospital from a recent stroke, below is the patient feedback via a NHS occupational therapist working on the ward. We know it is not the best invention ever, but it felt this way for a recently recovering stroke survivor. The patient feedback gave me the motivation to start a business developing adapted clothing for people with reduced mobility.

“It’s the best invention ever”

“It’s such a simple idea but it is brilliant”

“It’s perfect”